Pre Winter Boiler Check

Pre Winter Boiler Check

It’s very important to provide your heating system & boiler with a pre winter check. If your boiler breaks down your heating and hot water could come to an unexpected halt.

A standard boiler service is only £65.00 + vat. If your boiler breaks down you could end up having to pay an expensive call out charge and most likely have to wait a few days for an engineer to attend.

If you join our service & safety plan we provide an automatic yearly reminder and provide you with a priority service meaning you won’t have to wait for days should your boiler breakdown when you least expect it.

Our engineers are on hand to help with major parts kept in stock.

New Boiler Quote Comparison Exeter

New Boiler Quote Comparison Exeter

Compare new gas boiler quotes in Exeter? You must be carful when getting new boiler comparison quotes!

The installation of a new gas boiler is a major job and every property has different heating & hot water requirements. It is definitely not something you can quickly compare online.

Most so called comparison websites are actually just gathering your details and then selling your details to several boiler installation companies or one man bands that rely on paid lead generation.

You might think you are going to be provided with some cost ideas for your new boiler but it’s not so simple!

Why not search a well know boiler manufacturer’s website for an accredited or approved installer. This is generally a good way to find a reliable company and a company that will provide a top quality installation. We are Worcester Bosch Accredited, fully Gas Safe registered and only use our own employed engineers!

Surf our website to learn more! If you need advice on a new boiler just get in touch on 0345 193 0686

New Boiler Installation Exeter

New Boiler Installation Exeter

Are you looking for a new boiler installation quote?

Working across Exeter & East Devon we serve the general public, private sector & local businesses.

We’re proud to be based in East Devon and aim to become your ‘go to’ company in Exeter for all your plumbing & heating requirements.

We work with a variety of industry leading brands such as Worcester Bosch, Grant, Baxi, Ideal & Ariston.

Our team of engineers are fully employed by us and have been hand picked as the company has grown. Based in Honiton not far from Exeter we have become a recognised brand for new boiler installations and reliable customer service.

If you require a boiler quote and would like to find a rough budget price you can use our quote tool on the main page! Just follow the link below.

New Gas Boiler Quote Exeter

New Gas Boiler Quote Exeter

If you need a new gas boiler installation quote avoid making a very common mistake!

If you search online for a new gas boiler in Exeter you will instantly find several price comparison companies that take your details, create a work lead and then sell it to the first 3 – 5 companies that will buy it.

These companies are disguised and pay a lot of money to rank high on search engines but they are creating a middle man that is just not needed.

Firstly if a company is purchasing work from a lead generation company then why don’t they have any of their own work? Are they an established company? Could they be one of the many rouge traders? Could they pray on reactive clients that need a new boiler fitted ASAP!

Don’t get drawn into the price comparison websites, avoid the middle man and the rogue traders, contact your genuine local plumbing & heating company now! By choosing a local company you know your getting a service that’s tried and tested. You know if you need to speak to someone all you have to do is pick up the phone.

Don’t take the risk of online comparison sites, go direct and talk to your local experts.

Get in touch via the contact page or give us a call on 01404 234 363.

We hope to hear from you soon!

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