Gas Boiler Service Honiton

Gas Boiler Service Honiton

A boiler service is vital for the well-being of your house & your health. Keep warm & stay safe with an annual boiler service from Synergi SW, your local boiler service experts in Honiton. Gas, Oil & Lpg boiler services undertaken by our fully qualified gas safe registered engineers will ensure your boiler stays efficient and safe.

Modern condensing gas boilers have fan propelled exhaust systems which put the inside parts of the boiler under extreme pressure. This can cause burner seals and gas seal to break which could potentially lead to products of combustion leaking into your boiler casing and into your home!

Many people believe they do not need their boiler serviced until it breaks down. This is definitely not the case and could create quite a dangerous situation. Your boiler may work perfectly well with a leaking seal or even a leaking gas pipe and that’s not the only things that can go wrong with your boiler. A new energy efficient boiler produces a waste residue called condense which is highly acidic. This is released in part via the boiler flu internal flue which is made of plastic with rubber seals to join the flue to the boiler. If the seals break in the boiler flue which can happen then the external part of the flue can become corroded by the acidic condense. This then leave a clear path for your products of combustion to leave the boiler and enter your house. People need to be aware of the things we come across when working in gas appliances. It’s not always that we find something upon a service but it’s the fact that we know what we are looking for to ensure your safety and if we find everything in good order then happy days.

Don’t risk it, get it serviced! Contact us now on 01404 234 363.

We cover Honiton, Exeter, Sidmouth, Exmouth, Seaton, Axminster and all surrounding areas.

We stick the majority of parts required for all popular gas, Oil & Lpg boiler servicing & repairs.

Why it’s vital to heat your home.

Why it’s vital to heat your home.

If it’s cold inside your house it can be detrimental for your health & lifestyle.

With winters getting colder here in Devon life can become unpleasant at times and we should be entitled to come home to a warm & cozy atmosphere after a hard day at work. A chilly, under-heated house is not what you want & unwelcoming at best. The good news is this can be easily avoided.

Keeping proper control of your heating system with the right controls can create comfort all year round and go a long way while inefficient heating systems and inadequate controls can leave the home cold and miserable.

The ideal indoor temperature during winters should be set no lower than 18 degrees celsius. For homes with young and elderly people you will want to aim for 21 degrees celsius.

We explain the importance of keeping your home well heated for your health & your safety.

Health & Safety

  • Moisture inside your house condenses in the winter due to low temperatures which leads to further dampness and mould causes complications and further aggravates individuals suffering from allergies, asthma, and other respiratory conditions. Having extraction fans fitted in your kitchen and bathrooms will vent stale and horrid air and will help highly insulated homes as moisture will stay trapped without the proper ventilation and will lead to mold formation.
  • Blood & heart rates can also be affected when exposed to poor temperatures due to poorly heated homes. Arteries constrict, blood pressure and heart rate will increase which is not good for those already suffering from heart conditions.
  • Getting a good nights sleep without interruption is key to a healthy lifestyle. If the temperature of your bedroom is less than your actual set body temperature then it will aim to give you that comfortable feeling, but it’s going to be very difficult if your room is freezing.

At Synergi SW we can help you get ready for winter!

Our team of engineers provide the full heating service. From boiler services & repairs to full heating installations we can get your heating system running at its best ready for winter.

Heating Engineer Near me ?

Heating Engineer Near me ?

Do you need a local heating engineer ?

If like me you prefer to use local companies then look no further. Based just outside Honiton our small team of fully trained gas safe qualified engineers are ready and at your service.

Check out our price list on the charges page!

We work on all boiler brands and are equipped with the latest testing tools to diagnose and repair you broken boiler or heating system quickly. Get in touch today via the contact page or call 01404 234 363.

We also run a proactive service & safety programme. Surf our site to learn more!

Heating Repair Honiton

Our heating repair engineers are trained by Worcester Bosch as part of the prestigious Worcester Accredited Installer Scheme.

The Worcester training van has been with us in Honiton as recently as this November 2018!

Our engineers are trained in all types of work from underfloor systems, radiator systems and all fuel sources including Gas, Oil & LPG.

For a fast and efficient central heating or boiler repair contact your genuine local company Synergi SW! Call 01404 234 363 or email us via the contact page.

See our price list on the charges page

Check out our proactive service & safety programme for an efficient way to maintain your boiler!

Stay Cosy This Winter

Stay Cosy This Winter

Don’t get left out in the cold. Get a new Worcester Bosch boiler installed with a 10 Year Guarantee by your local experts. Show winter who’s Bosch! Contact us on 0345 193 0686 or email is via the contact page. We also provide a competitive finance package for cases that are unexpected.