A Beginners Guide: Buying a new boiler

A Beginners Guide: Buying a new boiler

When it comes to boilers, the general rule is; the higher the quality of boiler you buy, the longer it will last, however, the time will come when it will eventually need replacing. Below is a brief guide on how to go about buying a new boiler.

1) Do your research

There are several different types of boilers, such as system, condensing, and heat-only boilers; not to mention the various brands, designs and features. If you don’t know anything about boilers, you’ll need to do a bit of research to help you narrow down on the choices. It’s important to find out the different options available to you.

2) Work with a budget

The choice of boiler, in most cases, largely depends on cost. Make a narrowly flexible budget and stick to it. You may also have to consider additional installation costs. As with anything, the more you spend, the higher quality of boiler you will receive. Spending a bit more, or investing in a boiler care plan, could save you on repairs in the future. Please feel free to click through this link if you want a quick boiler quote.

3) Shop around

Get at least three different quotes from leading boiler vendors. Compare the quotes and settle for the one with the best value. Remember that the cheapest quote is not always the best deal. Check for hidden details and charges to make sure that you are getting the best value for your money.

4) Choose your installer

New boiler installation can be complex and requires skill and experience in the field. Size up the boiler installation companies in your area and select the most reputable and credible installer. Keep in mind that most boiler installation companies also deal with general plumbing and heating jobs. Ask about the services offered; some will even extend discounted boiler repair and maintenance services.

Get in touch with us and get the best new boiler installation deals. At Synergi South West, we take pride in providing dependable and professional services.

We fit heat pumps in East Devon!

We fit heat pumps in East Devon!

Based in the rural town of Honiton, East Devon we are surrounded by beautiful countryside and spectacular villages! Because of this a lot of our clients are living off the main gas grid and have previously been reliant on heating oil or LPG. Now there is a better way, a more efficient way and a more eco friendly way to heat your rural home.

Technology has developed hugely in the last 20 years making renewable heating products far more reliable, efficient and affordable. Air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps & solar thermal all provide effective heating solutions for rural homes.

Heat pumps use natural heat energy from the environment and multiply it to create temperatures of up to 65 degrees!

If your looking at upgrading an existing oil fired heating system a heat pump is definitely worth looking into. With oil costs on the rise once again fuel rates prove to be unpredictable and expensive. Heat pumps provide a heat source that is calculable and reliable.

As well as the clear savings to be made on running costs the UK government also have an incredible incentive called the RHI (renewable heat incentive). The RHI is a payment plan which rewards you for using a renewable technology, once again this can be calculated before you spend a penny.

Save money, earn financial rewards and save the environment! Choose a heat pump to heat your home for today and for the future!

Oil boiler service Devon.

Oil boiler service Devon.

Need an oil boiler service in Devon?

Yes you do, it should be serviced every year.

Our engineers are equipped for everything oil! We focus on oil as well as gas because we’re a rural company. Therefore we can service your oil boiler in Devon!

Oil Boiler Service Cost?

More expensive than a gas service a standard oil service is £110 + Vat! Most importantly an oil service takes twice as long, as well as parts needed. Oil service engineers, like us are registered with Oftec meaning we undertake vigorous training to meet the grade. Therefor an oil service costs can vary from £85.00 to £160.00. We believe cost is not the governing factor, we find reliability is key.

What’s included?

Full strip down of the boiler and burner. We clean the oil filters and test safety devices. Included in the service we install a new burner nozzle and replace flexible oil hoses. The boiler is cleaned and we check the operation in full.  We check the oil tank and oil pipes therefore leaving nothing to chance. Upon completion we provide a certificate, explain any findings or recommendations. It is important to check every aspect of your oil system.

Service my boiler?

Service your boiler, it will save you money! For a more efficient boiler keep it serviced and maintained which will also reduce the chance of a breakdown,

As well as financial benefits you’ll have peace of mind. An oil service is a chance to keep on top of the safety side of your system. Oil can be just as dangerous as gas and should not be ignored. Why wouldn’t you get your oil boiler serviced?

Choose Synergi

Local experienced engineers for oil who wont let you down. We will be in business for years to come, because of this our focus is five star customer service. Therefore our goal is retaining customers. We’re more expensive than some competitors however we offer value for money and a great service. As our client you will receive an annual service reminder and as a result of this you’ll never miss your service again.  Unsure? Check our reviews here. 

How to Book an Oil Boiler Service

To book a service! Call 01404 234 363 or use the contact page here. Our friendly team can make a booking that works for you.


  • Service you boiler yearly.
  • Check the tank.
  • Check the oil pipe.
  • New nozzle is a must!
  • New hose is a must!

Get in touch to learn more!

Plumber Honiton

Plumber Honiton


Honiton Plumber gives back to community.

Local plumber in Honiton Synergi SW – Everything Plumbing & Heating sponsors Upottery Football Club with smart polo shirts to wear before and after the game. The club wanted to unite its players and provide a professional look on match days. Smart polo shirts were the perfect fit! Synergi are established plumbers in Honiton. Need a plumber in Honiton? Give Synergi a call on 01404 234 363 or use the contact page here.

Above all giving back to the community is a key believe of owner Richard. Being a football fan himself it made sense to support his local team. Synergi have are proud supporters of local clubs. Recently Richard arranged the sponsorship of the Honiton Running Club, Offwell Rangers Football Club and Upottery Cricket Club. The most recent club sponsored by Synergi SW is Honiton Rugby Club.

Richard stated “our employees belong to local clubs, it just made sense to get involved and provide some support.” However he stated Synergi will continue to give back to the local community each year!

What do Synergi Do?

Simply put, “everything plumbing & heating”. Therefore Synergi can fix toilets, boilers, taps, radiators and much more. Plumbing is an art form and real plumbers are trained to work on all things plumbing. People are quick to throw an item away when it could easily be repaired. For instance, your tap is dripping and it needs fixing. Many plumbers in the modern era will replace a tap because it is dripping, why not repair it. Its normally a washer that needs replacing.

Value For Money?

Get value for money. Prices displayed here! Honesty is one of our key values so we provide transparency with our pricing! Contact Synergi and make a booking. After making an appointment you get a trained professional to make a proper repair that will stand the test of time. In conclusion its a simple service as it should be, no more being let down or waiting all day for the typical unreliable plumber. We break the trend, arrive on time and remain punctual throughout.

Are They Gas Registered?

Yes, Gas Safe registered, Oftec Registered, Worcester Accredited & Water Safe Approved. Gas qualifications mean we can service, maintain and fix your boiler safely and quickly. Above all its legal, it is against the law to work on gas without the appropriate training and qualifications. Unless you’re a gas fitter you can’t even remove the boiler case! Its the law and its there to protect you. Book an engineer here. 

Are They Local?

Based in Honiton, Synergi are the best choice for plumbing, boilers and heating in Exeter & East Devon. Your team will be local and know the area. In other words you cant find a more local team! Local plumbers can be hard to pin down, because of this we provide fixed time appointments. For instance, some companies book am or pm slots. With an arrival time within 30 minute slots Synergi provide a better service! Even more, we call if we’re running late. No waiting in all day!

Gas Engineer in Honiton

Gas Engineer in Honiton

Do you need a gas engineer in Honiton?

Synergi SW are Gas Safe Registered and work on all gas appliances including boilers, fires, cookers and many more. In need a qualified gas fitter in Honiton? Get in touch today, you can use our contact page here or call 01404 234 363 to make a booking.

Choose Synergi

Trained to the highest standards our engineers treat safety as top priority. The company require engineers to maintain training each year ensuring work is safe when using its Gas Safe registered engineer, therefore you can rest easy. Most importantly its fully certified. Only certified engineers should undertake gas work at your home. Insurance providers will require gas work to be completed by a gas safe registered company.

You can ask a engineer to show you their Gas Safe identification card at any time? When you come across a tradesman who isn’t part of the Gas Safe team STAY WELL CLEAR! Check an engineer here! I always ask for identification, would you?

Fair Price Fair Job

Honesty is important therefore we believe in transparent pricing. All prices are listed online for all to see. You can be sure of no scary bill! View our charges, follow this link. The first hour is £65.00 + Vat this includes travel up to 25 miles. Based in Honiton your probably in our coverage area. £45.00 + Vat is the standard rate for each hour after. For those that like to plan ahead we also provide fixed price quotations! Synergi know you like to be organised. We are going to be organised and we will offer value for money,

Do I Get A Certificate?

Gas certificates are not always needed! I know, odd isn’t it. You will get a certificate when a heat emitting appliance is installed. A gas boiler is a good example of a heat emitting appliance. However a gas cooker or gas oven will not receive a gas certificate. Its not a requirement. You will be covered by insurance as long as you have an invoice that states the work has been completed by a gas engineer, house sales and product guarantees.

To be ultra safe you could always book a gas safety inspection to get a gas safety certificate.

What is a Gas Safety Certificate?

A gas safety certificate is also known as a landlord check. By law a landlord check is required every year on a rental property.  This makes gas safety certification standard procedure. Its just testing and visual inspections applied to gas appliances determine them safe or not! Some of the main checks are…….

  • Checking gas pipes for leaks.
  • Inspecting seals that contain the dangerous fumes.
  • Ensuring ventilation is adequate for safe operation.
  • Testing all safety features

Call us to learn more. We’ve been happily helping Honiton Town with gas work since 2013.


Boiler Breakdown Cover Exeter

Boiler Breakdown Cover Exeter

New for Nineteen our Boiler Breakdown Cover launches this January 2019!

Based in Honiton near Exeter our new offices are open and ready for action. Having grown from our humble beginnings as a one man band we are now a well established team of 12 operating across Exeter & East Devon.

We’ve been servicing Gas, Oil & Lpg boilers since we started back in 2014 and have slowly built up a team capable of managing a boiler cover plan service.

Our staff are all fully employed in house engineers and are located across the South West allowing us to cover a 25 mike radius from Honiton. We are a short drive to Exeter, Taunton, Exmouth, Cullompton & Wellington. We chose to be located in Honiton because of its central location and up and coming business community.

In Honiton we are surrounded with plumbing and heating merchants so spare parts are readily available if we don’t have them on the van!

For every boiler & heating system we look after we undertake an initial inspection to ensure your fully covered and to also ensure we can cover you properly. In preparation for our Warmcover Launch we spoke to a variety of people who have existing cover plans with other companies. The main feedback we got was that they were paying for a cover but a lot of the time things were not included in the cover pack and therefore ended up being quite costly! A lot of people said they had to peg quite a high excess for all calls outs and repairs, we do not charge any excess for a repair!

If this is something you are interested in give us a call on 01404 234 363 or email info@synergisw.co.uk