A Beginners Guide: Buying a new boiler

A Beginners Guide: Buying a new boiler

When it comes to boilers, the general rule is; the higher the quality of boiler you buy, the longer it will last, however, the time will come when it will eventually need replacing. Below is a brief guide on how to go about buying a new boiler.

1) Do your research

There are several different types of boilers, such as system, condensing, and heat-only boilers; not to mention the various brands, designs and features. If you don’t know anything about boilers, you’ll need to do a bit of research to help you narrow down on the choices. It’s important to find out the different options available to you.

2) Work with a budget

The choice of boiler, in most cases, largely depends on cost. Make a narrowly flexible budget and stick to it. You may also have to consider additional installation costs. As with anything, the more you spend, the higher quality of boiler you will receive. Spending a bit more, or investing in a boiler care plan, could save you on repairs in the future. Please feel free to click through this link if you want a quick boiler quote.

3) Shop around

Get at least three different quotes from leading boiler vendors. Compare the quotes and settle for the one with the best value. Remember that the cheapest quote is not always the best deal. Check for hidden details and charges to make sure that you are getting the best value for your money.

4) Choose your installer

New boiler installation can be complex and requires skill and experience in the field. Size up the boiler installation companies in your area and select the most reputable and credible installer. Keep in mind that most boiler installation companies also deal with general plumbing and heating jobs. Ask about the services offered; some will even extend discounted boiler repair and maintenance services.

Get in touch with us and get the best new boiler installation deals. At Synergi South West, we take pride in providing dependable and professional services.

Air source vs. ground source heat pumps: The differences

Air source vs. ground source heat pumps: The differences

In order to understand the differences between air source and ground source heat pumps, it is initially helpful to establish exactly what heat pumps are and how they work.

The heat provided by natural sources can be successfully transferred to any building using the technology of heat pumps. Contrary to their name, they can also be used to cool, where heat is directed in the opposite way, to the outdoors.

Absorption of air – the most basic distinction

The main difference between air source and ground source heat pumps is the way that they absorb the air.

As indicated in the name, air source heat pumps use air to absorb heat, whereas ground source heat pumps absorb the air from the ground (the soil).

Financial differences

Now that you understand the basics, it is helpful to know how your choice will impact on your wallet.

Ground source heat pumps are more expensive than the air source alternative. This because of the installation process of the ground source pumps – a borehole has to be drilled in order to install it deep into the ground.

Spatial requirements

Following on from the previous point, you need to consider the facilities that you have before making a decision about which kind of air pumps to install.

As the pipes for ground source heat pumps must be buried, you must have a garden to enable this installation to take place. If you do not have this facility, then the decision is simple – opt for the best air source pump.

Energy efficiency

The ground source pump has more than twice the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) when compared to air source pumps. But why is this important? Well, if you have a large property, there is a limit about how much energy you can make a payment claim for. For air source, you can claim 20,000kW, whereas it is capped at 30,000kW for ground source. If you need more than the lower limit, it makes sense to choose ground source heat pumps.

For all your heat pump and heating service needs, contact Synergi today. Based in the South West, our professional, reliable service only uses qualified engineers to meet your requirements.

Boiler Finance

Boiler Finance

Boiler finance by Exeter’s heating hero’s.

Why our boiler finance can help! Can I finance my new boiler?

Winter is a tricky time because when you spend on gifts for friends and warm coats for the children.The last thing you need is a broken boiler, waking up to a cold house is not fun.  Because a large unexpected outlay for a new gas or oil boiler doesn’t help we now provide boiler finance.

When you don’t want to spend big, we provide a new boiler installation service in Exeter & East Devon which gets you a new boiler interest free with no deposit.

Can I finance my new boiler?

Our finance is simple. It can be paid off at anytime with a cancellation fee of just £29.00. All you need to do is provide two months notice before cancelling.

When you need a boiler in a hurry we will act quick and install your new boiler within 48 hours! Our local team of engineers are all employees,  We work in our local area covering a 25 mile radius from Honiton, Devon.

Best boiler prices!

Your boiler quote will be highly competitive ensuring our clients get the very best deal. With this you will get a brand new energy efficient boiler that reduces your heating bills, a 10 Year Guarantee and low monthly payments. You will receive a 12 month free membership to our Warmcover boiler & central heating programme. This means your first boiler service is FREE!

Benefits of Warmcover & Synergi SW.

Synergi are an independent Plumbing & Heating company based in Honiton, East Devon. Our friendly team of staff live locally and know the trade inside out. Time served engineers who continue to improve their skills and customer service daily.

Your new boiler will come with a 10 Year Guarantee!

You will receive a 10% discount off all our other services as a Warmcover client which also opens up a world of additional benefits,

Your new boiler will be installed by our expert engineers who take great pride in their work and you’ll probably catch them taking photos of your newly installed boiler for their portfolios.

For a new gas boiler quote get in touch today on 01404 234 363 or email info@synergisw.co.uk

Use our quick quote tool here!

Why boiler care plans are a must-have – and how they work

Why boiler care plans are a must-have – and how they work

A reliable boiler is essential for every home.

But many people take their heating system for granted. They only think about their boiler when the shower runs cold or they find a leak.

In the same way that your car needs an MOT, your boiler should be serviced regularly under a home service plan to keep it in good working order.

So why is looking after your boiler so important?

For one thing, good boiler care saves you money. Regular maintenance helps you spot the warning signs of an issue before it develops into a bigger problem that’s expensive to fix. Planned services are cheaper, more convenient and help avoid the nasty shock of emergency repairs.

If your boiler isn’t working efficiently, you could also be wasting money every month by paying over the odds for your heating bill. When your boiler is serviced, heating engineers test and inspect each part. They make sure everything’s working as efficiently as possible to keep your monthly bills down.

But most importantly, poorly maintained boilers can be extremely dangerous. Carbon monoxide leaks are difficult to detect – you can’t smell or see the gas – and poisonings are potentially fatal. Regular inspection by a Gas Safe registered engineer will give you peace of mind and help keep your family safe.

How do boiler care plans work?

Boiler care plans make it easy and affordable to look after your boiler and operate just like any other contracted monthly outgoing. By paying low-monthly fees for a care plan, you can fully cover the cost of repair parts and labour, and many policies entitle you to access a 365 days a year emergency call-out service.

At Synergi South West, we offer boiler and central heating care plans to cater for everyone. Whether you have a new boiler that’s still under guarantee or an older boiler that needs some attention, our WarmCover home service plans make sure your heating system is safe, reliable and efficient.

We fit heat pumps in East Devon!

We fit heat pumps in East Devon!

Based in the rural town of Honiton, East Devon we are surrounded by beautiful countryside and spectacular villages! Because of this a lot of our clients are living off the main gas grid and have previously been reliant on heating oil or LPG. Now there is a better way, a more efficient way and a more eco friendly way to heat your rural home.

Technology has developed hugely in the last 20 years making renewable heating products far more reliable, efficient and affordable. Air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps & solar thermal all provide effective heating solutions for rural homes.

Heat pumps use natural heat energy from the environment and multiply it to create temperatures of up to 65 degrees!

If your looking at upgrading an existing oil fired heating system a heat pump is definitely worth looking into. With oil costs on the rise once again fuel rates prove to be unpredictable and expensive. Heat pumps provide a heat source that is calculable and reliable.

As well as the clear savings to be made on running costs the UK government also have an incredible incentive called the RHI (renewable heat incentive). The RHI is a payment plan which rewards you for using a renewable technology, once again this can be calculated before you spend a penny.

Save money, earn financial rewards and save the environment! Choose a heat pump to heat your home for today and for the future!

Simple Boiler Finance

Simple Boiler Finance

Boiler on finance, now take that Summer holiday!

Living in Devon is expensive! We know getting a new boiler isn’t something you want to spend your savings on, surely a holiday is more important. Why not use our simple boiler finance?

We need a reliable boiler for hot water and heating, its a basic necessity. Spending out on a new boiler can really stretch people financially but we don’t think that’s the way it should be!

Finance your new boiler with low monthly payments and keep your money for a well deserved holiday!

Our team will undertake a finance application in as quick as five minutes and it won’t effect your credit score! The application is simple, we just email a link and you complete the application in your own time.

No hard sale and no need to sign up on the day because your fixed price quotation will be held. Therefore giving you time to consider all options.

Upon finance agreed we can install your new boiler complete with a 10 Year Guarantee.

It all seems so simple but that’s because we aim to make the process as easy as possible.

Get in touch to learn more.  Call: 01404 234 363  Email: Info@synergisw.co.uk. Use our contact page here.